Holt Forensic Accounting specializes in a variety of accounting services. We offer the highest quality attention to our clients  and their needs. We are well known for our punctual, efficient work product.

JoAnne Holt is the Founder, Owner and President of Holt Forensic Accounting. JoAnne is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida. Education: University of South Florida (B.A. 1979). Certifided Public Accountant (1983). Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (2002). Certified Fraud Examiner (2004). Certified in Financial Forensics (2009).

JoAnne's practice primarily involves work as a a forensic accountant in circuit civil, family law and criminal cases. Services include, but not limited to, fraud examination, forensic accounting, court appointed receiver and curator, litigation support for plaintiffs and defendants, damage calculations, tax preparation (select clients only), small business consulting and IRS representation.

JoAnne was honored with the Presidential award from the Florida Association of Family Conciliation Courts in 2003 for her exceptional leadership and exemplary service as the founding treasurer and board member. JoAnne is a member of many professional organizations and over the years has been involved in improving our family law court system. 

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